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Instructor Wei was pleased to see that Han still had some childishness remaining. He had always felt pity for the children of Ark.


Kato felt bitter. Reality was too different than what he expected. He took Kuro to his team to add another talent to the squad, but the one to distinguish himself had been Han.


Han peered toward his reflection in the mirror on the wall. A fully geared soldier stood before him. This was different than when he was thrown in the dimensional crack zone without a single piece of defensive gear.


The trees had been planted here to confuse the students, but in turn it became the greatest defensive maze against enemies. The second year youths were already familiar with this forest, but to the enemy, this place was perplexing.


'This was inevitable when Kuro broke down. He understood that a single mistake would cause the whole squad's failure.' Wuxiaworld for visiting.


"I'm feeling generous today so I'll let you off here. The pre-training period is not over yet; however, it's almost the end of your three week grace period. Soon, you will be transferred with the first years. You all probably thought of me as a pain in the neck; you're mistaken. I'm not a pain in the neck, but the worst pain in the neck of your life."

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"Everyone will be looking down on us. They will call us traitors and dregs. Let them talk all they want. Nothing will come of protesting. We will show them through results. We will make everyone regret not joining squad 13 when they had the chance."


Han had always been worrying about his daily meals until he had come to this place. He was fine that he wouldn't be able to snack anymore.


Kuro stared toward the soldiers while thinking of various things. The soldiers who finished moving the supplies decided to take a break.


The air vent was the only detour that allowed passage to the first years. There was enough room for him to crawl through. However, it would be impossible to prevent the sound from bleeding out. If he were to crawl through this air vent, it was inviting the enemy to freely shoot him.


Han said calmly and returned to his squad. For now, squad 13 was announced the winner. There were various opinions on this squad battle.


"Yes, after everyone becomes stable, you'll be able to meet each other once more."


"I admit everything was my fault. However, we will proceed. Now that Sergeant Red is unable to command, it's up to me to command. I've chosen the route to move forward."



"I submitted my recommendation to transfer you to year 2. The head office should be announcing their decisions anytime now."



The spear handle crushed into Sergeant Red's side. The sound of ribs cracking reverberated. Sergeant Red gritted through his teeth to bear out the pain. He grabbed onto Han's neck and arm.


"The True Group believes that the prophecy of the Second Wave of Aggression is a lie that the psychic institutions have created. In some cases, there are those who believe the invasion of dragons could be stopped when all the psychics of earth are killed." Inspector Rue calmly said.


"I've never been to Korea, but I know that it's a very difficult place to live. I didn't have as tough a time like you, but my family wasn't on the wealthy side either. I lived in the Barcelona slums and our house was nearly falling apart. My mother and father, although poor, loved alcohol and had continued to produce children one after another. I had four siblings. I got news that a new baby was born not too long ago, and so I have five siblings now. It should be obvious why I came here, right?"

  • Canute tried his best to suppress the shooting pains as he ran.
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